Mechatronics Systems Architect

Background information

DCD is an integrated product developer that designs, develops and manufactures products for customers. We are a one-stop-shopping partner where you will always have the same contact. We work closely with our customers to achieve the best results. To this end, our staff often work in-house for our customers. This improves the exchange of knowledge and accelerates the work pace. DCD is fully accountable throughout this process, from idea to mass production.

Mechatronics Systems Architect

The Mechatronic Systems Architect will work on a new product range of consumer products
that realizes ease of use for our customers.

Areas of responsibility

The Systems Architect is responsible for the development en realisation of one of the
(sub)systems of the new product concept.
As Systems Architect you will head a small technical team (4-5 engineers). You represent
your team in the multidisciplinary project team.
During the development, you are responsible for the specification of your (sub)system in
relation to user and system requirements. During realisation you actively monitor the
performance, quality and costs of your (sub)system. 
Since the product concepts involve a complexity of software and hardware engineering, you
deal with a wide variety of technical partners, suppliers and co-designers.

Essential Job Requirements/Personal Skills

  • you have an University degree in electronics or physics;· you are experienced in the
    development of new product concepts;
  • you have 5 to 10 years related experience in the development of complex
    (pref. mechatronic) systems;
  • you have experience in development for mass-produced consumer products;
  • you are an open personality with good communication skills;
  • you are team player with a drive for innovation and improvement.