DCD is a knowledge provider, active in the domain of smart innovations. We consult, design, develop and realize products from prototypes up to and including small series and support our customers with industrial production equipment for almost four decades. We apply our in depth technical knowledge of product and equipment development to consult our customers about Smart Industry Implementations enabling manufacturing flexibility for customized products with a high diversity and reduced product cost prices.



Smart Manufacturing:







Product Development

DCD develops new-born ideas, enabling the introduction of reliable smart products. In close consultation with our customers, we realize an attractive designs that can be manufactured. Products to which we are completely committed!

A good and profitable product starts with mapping out the user. What does the user want, expect from the product, and want to use it for, what would be a way to surprise the user. We transform this information into a design and, through a v-model project approach, we dissect the customer demands in detail, design the various components and construct the finished product. Of course, we also determine the features critical to the idea, seek out and exclude risks and uncertainties. During the design phase we keep a watchful eye on the costs: what consequences do the decisions have on the cost of purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics.


As part of the development process DCD realizes Functional Models and Prototypes in line with the specifications and the design we agreed upon. Our strength in this phase is our drive to bring successful products to the market in combination with our flexibility to organize this, realizing ourselves that time to market is key for a successful product launch..

Realizing fast en representative prototypes is a pre requisition for a successful product launch. Based on our supplier network, our own prototype facilities, including ESD, and the dedication of our experienced staff with a long track record of craftsmanship, we are able to facilitate development, prototyping and small series for our customers.


Serial or mass production has different requirements from the manufacture of a prototype or a limited number of products. DCD will ensure that the transfer from a prototype to serial or in mass production runs smoothly.

In production, both in serial or in mass, every product has to be in line with the same quality standards, not just functionally, but also with regard to the level of finish. This places great demands on reliability. Demands for the production machines, the tools, the processes and the materials. In close cooperation with our customer we will select the suppliers and plot out various manufacturing scenarios that helps you reach the right decisions. Of course, cost control plays a major role here too. Our four decades of experience in product and equipment development and our long term relationship with our customers will result in the best manufacturing scenarios for your product launch.

Small Series

DCD can establish small serial production of your products and equipment very quickly at own facilities. Our team is dedicated to realize a professional manufactured product with a short lead time. Based on decades of manufacturing knowledge we implement the best way of production already from the start of the design.  

After prototyping and final design release DCD optimizes the manufacturing processes, both on parts production level as on sub- and final-assembly level. We advise to set up an integrated supply chain, ensure quality and reduce costs preparing your product for production ramp up enabling a successful product launch.

Manufacturing Process Development

The heart of the long term built knowledge of DCD is the in depth knowledge of our development staff in relation to manufacturing process development, being the key interface between product development, industrialization, equipment development and smart industry implementations.

At DCD we believe in technological added value. Key for successful product launches of smart products is in our vision the necessity of our in depth knowledge of manufacturing processes like metal forming, plastic injection moulding and electronics manufacturing in combination with our application knowledge about sensors, actuators, measurement and control.

Tooling & Equipment development

Soft tooling for prototypes, manufacturing jigs for small series production, production moulds, progressive dies, test and measurement equipment, semi- and full automatic production equipment: DCD has the knowledge and experience to develop and realize them.

The product design is released for production and you are brimming with enthusiasm and can hardly wait to start manufacturing. But you do want the finished product to be perfect. The right production tools and equipment are imperative here. Manufacturing jigs, moulds, dies and other production equipment is high-precision work. The same applies to the assembly of products. The knowledge and craft workmanship of our staff will guarantee that the finished product is manufactured exactly according to your specifications.

Equipment Realization

For realization of the designed equipment, DCD will take the responsibility. As we focus on the design we created an ecosystem of manufacturing partners that fits the best in a project or in a specific phase of the project. Together with these partners we realize a flexible and integrated solution to realize the designed equipment. At the end DCD is fully accountable for the project and the integration of the electronics.

The projects are often systems comprising multidisciplines. Our specialized partners realize mechanical, electrical or software related components. At the end DCD will integrate these and realize final product assembly and testing at DCD’s facilities.


Smart Industry Implementations

DCD can realise real value from the design and implementation of Smart Industry Solutions. Starting at product architecture analyses and advising on a logical modular product set up, implementing this in both new product designs, smart manufacturing solutions and factory logistics principles, we enable manufacturing flexibility for customized products with a high diversity and reducing product cost prices.

By ensuring process operations are smart and best in class, you boost your productivity, cut costs and introduce more flexibility into production. Find out more about our in depth manufacturing process development know-how, our process improvement skills and how our manufacturing process engineering consultants can help you to transform your business to high-performance operations. Look at our competences to read more.