At DCD we build long term knowledge of technical competences which are embedded at our development staff. For almost 4 decades we are specialized in technical product development, manufacturing process development and the development of production equipment. Our long term vision and relation with our customers results in a reliable partner to enable our customers product launches. Our people have been educated from intermediate and higher vocational through to university level. A good combination of practical, creative and pragmatic people with sound analytical skills being able to invent out of the box solutions.

To design successful performing and cost effective products and equipment an integrated mechatronic design approach is essential. The individual competence of mechanics, electronics, embedded software and the integration of sensors and actuators come to one at DCD’s development projects. In close cooperation with our customers and our partners we realize mechatronic solutions, mostly being part of a product or equipment.

Project Competences:

Technical Competences:

Application Areas:

System Architecture

Based on the customer requirements our system architects define in close cooperation with our customers the specifications of the product or equipment to be developed. The specifications are construed into a system architecture being the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system.

A system architecture can result in an architecture of family of products or equipment. A well thought out product family architecture and integrated manufacturing architecture enables the footprint for Smart Factory Automation and Smart Industry Solutions. By ensuring manufacturing process operations are smart and best in class, you boost your productivity, cut costs and introduce more flexibility into production. DCD’s architects are more than pleased to advise you with the challenges and difficult strategic choices to be made to ensure the future of your product portfolio.

Project Management

Projects with a specific complexity or size requires professional Project Management skills to manage specifications, project budgets and lead time, risks and expectations. The Project Managers at DCD have broad technical experience in managing both product and equipment development projects and the implementation of Smart Industry Solutions. With a clear focus the project manager will guide our team of engineers to a successful project end always keeping our customers interests in mind.


DCD has its roots in the mechanical development of both products and equipment. Through the course of the years, DCD has expanded its knowledge with the integration of electronics and embedded software. This resulted in a team of people that is able to deliver integrated development projects and realize these rapidly and skillfully.

The mechanical developers are able to invent ingenious and simple solutions for complex problems. They have extensive experience in the area of metal and plastics design and have a very good affinity with assembly, development and integration of electronics. Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly knowledge is deep-seated in our people's DNA. 


At DCD projects have a high electronics content. DCD has created an ecosystem of EMS partners that fits the best in a project or in a specific phase of the project. Together with these partners we realize a flexible and integrated solution to develop and produce prototypes and small series. At the end DCD is fully accountable for the project and the integration of the electronics.

The projects are often systems comprising mechanics, sensors, actuators, LED technology and user interfaces. The product architecture and functional design is realized by system architects of DCD. The detail design, the lay-outing and manufacturing of the PCB’s is executed by a partner of our ecosystem. At the end DCD will integrate the PCB’s and realize final product assembly and testing in a dedicated ESD manufacturing area at DCD’s facilities.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software is increasingly important in new products and equipment. Smart software is chiefly responsible for ensuring more functionality. The world of embedded software is changing rapidly. That’s why DCD cooperates with preferred partners in this field. In close consultation with our customer our software architects decides which partners suits the best to a specific project. Based on the product architecture and functional design this partner will realize and test the embedded software. DCD ensures the integration of the software and final product testing.

More and more products and equipment are connected to the internet, creating IoT solutions being managed by a software cloud platform. DCD focusses with their partners on the integration of embedded software solutions. The software cloud platform is mostly developed and managed by our customer. To enable a smooth performance the interface definition between the embedded software and cloud software is key. That’s where our software architects, together with the architects of our customer have a key role. Through a robust project approach at the beginning of a project and a more agile approach in the execution phase of a project, we enable together with our customers successful product launches.

Sensors & Actuators 

Projects at DCD are often systems comprising sensors and actuator solutions. At DCD we develop applications based on specific off the shelf sensors. We have a track record with application of all kind of detection sensors, signal and image processing sensors and other physical processing sensors. Information gathered by sensors embedded in the developed product or equipment will be processed and accordingly the functional requirements activate specific actuators if applicable.

In this field DCD contributes value based on her domain experience related to application of this specific sensors. Project examples are realized in key markets;

  • Lighting; Signal processing enabling smart motion detection and anonymous tracking and tracing.
  • Consumer; Physical Sensors realizing interacting smart consumer products.
  • Care; Integration of image processing applications in products supporting care activities.
  • Industry; Physical sensor integration and image processing facilitating Smart Industry Solutions

Measurement & Control

Mechatronic solutions are the backbone for the development of measurement and control loops, being an integrated part of our production equipment development activities. To be able to measure and control real-time the quality of your production, is key nowadays. With the development and realization of dedicated measurement and inspection equipment we enable our customers to perform excellent in production and being successful in the market. 

Based on our experience in the development and realization of dedicated measurement and inspection equipment, in combination with our sensor and actuator application knowledge in the industry, we support our Smart Industry consultants in depth with insights to advice our customers in an approach how to transfer their production facilities into smart production facilities.