Thank you Pieter Jan!

We recently said goodbye to our colleague Pieter Jan van Bommel. After working for DCD for ten years, he is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement. All these years he has devoted himself passionately to various projects for various clients. His broad knowledge was not only a valuable addition to our team, but he was also he familiar face in our organization as a People Manager. 

Curious about what has stayed with him most in recent years and what his plans are for his retirement? Then read on quickly!

What has stayed with you most in recent years?

  • ''Change processes are always more difficult and go much slower than you estimate.''
  • ''Technology is fun.''
  • ''Technology is embedded in our engineers. Therefore, managing technology for a large part boils down to managing people. People are by far the single most valuable asset of the company.''

What changes in the field have you noticed in the recent years?

  • ''Even for mechanical engineers, computers are the prime tool.''
  • ''The most dominant game changer in the field is system thinking, combining people, technological disciplines, business and process aspects. Unfortunately this is still hardly recognized.''

What would you like to pass on to the young generation of engineers?

  • ''Have real interest in your collegeaus, both at a personal and at business (technology) level.''
  • ''Always go for the team result. Your (outstanding) contribution will be recognized in due time.''
  • ''Never be afraid to say 'I don't know' or 'Please help me...'. By the same token be open to support your colleagues.''

What are your plans during your retirement?
''Spending time with family, cycle touring, studying mass psychology and programming.''

What was your best project at DCD?
''Aurora, Falcon, Futurlight, Medibox and Industry4.0.''