DCD sponsors Canoe Slalom Star Maartje Otten

Maartje is a woman with a mission: to win a medal at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. To support her, DCD joined as Maatje voor Maartje. With "Maatjes for Maartje" she allows herself to continue carrying out her passion.

Canoe slalom is an Olympic sport. Paddling your boat on a whitewater course maneuvering between gates. Canoe Slalom is however a very small sport in the Netherlands. This is because the Netherlands has no whitewater. If you have ambition to get better, you have to measure yourself with athletes from abroad. To improve herself, the talented Dutch girl has to train abroad. All the material she has to pay herself. That means Maartje not only has to go to extremes in the water, but also beyond.

 DCD has great admiration for the perseverance and vision of Maartje Otten.